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Beset by crises, EU leaders could be forgiven for dreaming that the Brussels "Space Egg" - their summit venue next year - will transport them to a brave new world. The eye-catching new Europa building cost more than 321m (270m; $336m). It has eco-friendly features - lots of solar panels and oak collected from demolition sites. And the dazzlingly colourful decor inside speaks of optimism - something sorely needed in Europe, where the threats of economic stagnation and aggressive nationalism loom large. The summit agenda on Thursday was packed with the toughest of challenges: How to give the EU a uniform, efficient asylum system that really works? How to influence the mayhem in Syria and establish peace there? How to be a good partner to Ukraine without antagonising Russia further? Preparing for battle With all that on their plates it is not surprising that the leaders devoted less than an hour to Brexit - late at night and without the UK. Image copyright EPA Image caption The agony of Aleppo overshadowed the summit Image copyright Reuters Image caption A key challenge facing the EU is how to be a good partner to Ukraine without antagonising Russia They reminded the UK that the ball is in its court: The UK has to spell out what sort of Brexit it wants and trigger the exit procedure, Article 50.