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One dress at a time, local volunteers sew hope, help against sex trafficking around world

(Photo by Sonia Chopra) It’s a vow her friend and sewing partner Pam Sharp has also made. “I love the idea of what the dresses stand for and who they are going to, and I enjoy making them,” said Sharp, a retired physical therapist for Warren County schools. “We are going to grow old together as we make these dresses.” Michelle Charleston has been to Kenya and seen the need for clothes first-hand. “I used to take old clothes, but there is only so much I can fit into my suitcases. I tried to send packages, but they got stolen. So, I wanted to work with an organization that can get the clothes to the people who need it,” said Charleston, a mother, grandmother and retired sociology professor from Miami University. Dress a Girl Around the World is adamant about giving dresses to girls in person. “It’s a personal encounter. Volunteers allow the girls to choose a dress that fits them and interact with each girl and then they put the new dress on the girl. And then they exclaim, ‘You look beautiful. Somebody made this dress for you and they prayed for you while they sewed it because you are special, you are cared for, they love you and God loves you,’” said Nancy Kenny, a Lebanon resident and part-time sewing instructor at the Countryside YMCA.

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She never wants another young girl to go through that. So enter The Prom Closet. Just as the name implies, the room is filled with prom dresses. "We just want them to have the experience they would have if they were going to pay for their dress," Darmetko said. "We want it to be a boutique." There are shoes, bags, and jewelry. It's all free. "They were donated. So all the girls who donated the dresses are paying it forward," said Jean Parker. Attending one of the most important events in a high schooler’s life has gotten real ชุดจั๊มสูทขายาว expensive. "You're probably talking about $1,000 with tickets, hair, shoes and the dress," Darmetko said.

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