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Google: Will other tech firms follow orders to release data?

Instead, he said, sensitive information should be protected by strong laws and judges’ strong enforcement of the Constitution. “The only real way we’re going to avoid unnecessary dragnet searches is to have protections in place. It may be appropriate in exceptional circumstances or where other avenues are exhausted, but there are lots of other ways to build leads and find suspects,” said Wessler, drawing a comparison to wiretaps, which are also not the first option in criminal investigations. Courts require a showing that they are, in fact, a necessary tactic. The same, he said, should be true of data searches that can sweep up other people. Some technology companies have tried to argue these requests are fishing expeditions, though as service providers they often have little ground to stand on in court. Facebook fought New York prosecutors, losing the battle to block bulk search warrants in 2017. Last year, was ordered to turn over any data collected during an alleged murder. Though the company satisfied part of the warrant, it filed a motion to void the rest, calling the warrant excessive. Like Card’s case, Amazon’s compliance eventually became moot. (Jeff Bezos, the founder and chief executive of, owns The Washington Post.) Apple famously fought a court order to assist federal investigators in developing software to break the PIN code of San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone.

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The latest one-day pilots' walk-out on 10 August led to the cancellation of nearly 400 flights. Ryanair, which is Europe's largest low-cost carrier, has blamed other delays on bad weather or air traffic control shortages. Image caption Ryanair has experienced a summer of disruption in Europe The Civil Aviation Authority recently stepped in to advise passengers caught up in strikes that they should apply for compensation. Known as EU261, compensation is set at 250 euros (£224) for flights of up to 1,500km (932 miles), and 400 euros (£358) for longer flights in Europe and North Africa. Businessman Gordon Fong received £440 after his flight home from Spain in June was first diverted and then landed at a different UK airport, leaving him with a 150-mile taxi journey to his home in Bournemouth. "But when I received the cheque there was no signature," he said. "I took time off work to drive to the bank but was told by the teller I couldn't use it. I had to go back to the website to try and get them to respond and send a new cheque, but I still haven't had a reply." The BBC has spoken to 10 other people who said their compensation from Ryanair had been refused by the bank. Image caption Karen and John Joyce waited 11 months for compensation from Ryanair Karen Joyce, 50, said she spent 11 months waiting for compensation from Ryanair after her 25th wedding anniversary holiday flight was cancelled in September. Ryanair paid part of her claim but when she went to cash a second cheque it was returned by the bank - along with a 20 euro (£17.94) fee "I was totally dumbstruck. We were loyal Ryanair customers and for them to bounce the cheque as well I just thought was disgusting," she said.

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