Judys main stylistic contribution is her devotion to the side ponytail. Whos going to help me bring that one back? Suspiria Suspiria has an intense cult following (news of a remake starring Dakota Johnson was met with loud disapproval, including from director Dario Argento), although its never been high on my list, to be honest. Nevertheless, the clothes are pretty great. It's set in 1977 in a ballet school in Germany, which is actually a front for a coven of witches (because if you want to keep your satanic activities on the down low, obviously you start an international academy for aspiring professional dancers). View gallery . Photo:Seda Spettacoli/ screenmusings.org Most of the costumes are A-line, flowy things, a lot of shawls and silk day robes (a la The Row) that flutter as the characters wander around the striking sets. There are two major exceptions to this uniform: The head teacher wears the same outfit the entire film, a kind of androgynous Nazi schoolmarm get-up, while the school's principal of sorts, played by the venerable Joan Bennet in her last role, wears adorable retro (for then) cocktail dresses and matching jewels that look like she got them on loan for the Oscars from Van Cleef & Arpels. She doesnt seem to distinguish between daywear and eveningwear much, but maybe that sort of thing is beneath black magicians. The movie is kind of a proto-Black Swan although very different in tone in that it's about dancers, it's scary, and it's sartorially pleasing.

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