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Rubbish dumped under a no dumping sign That's an increase of 56% from the previous year (when 36,000 were issued). That means that for every one prosecution, 36 fixed penalty notices were issued. But what's behind the increase in fly-tipping in the first place? Unfortunately, that's a much harder question to answer. According to the National Fly-Tipping Prevention Group, financial gains (or savings) are the main motivations for fly-tipping. Others factors include "laziness and an attitude that someone else will clear up the waste". Prof Simin Davoudi, an expert in environmental policy at Newcastle University, says a lack of local facilities and the cost of getting bulky items legally collected are to blame. "A good example is Nottingham City online shopping sites for electronics Council," she said. "They have shown that fly-tipping can be reduced if local authorities best online shopping websites collect some of these items free of charge.

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