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It would have taken her an hour to walk to anywhere safe and she knew that if she left now, Helen would know she had discovered the truth. She tried to text her boyfriend in Australia, but found she had insufficient credit on her phone. "I was sure she wasn't going to do something to me because you can't have two dead people show up in your house," says Lee-Anne. "My children knew where I was, that was a bonus, but it was pretty scary." The next day Lance's birthday celebrations were taking place, and Lee-Anne had to make a difficult decision. "I felt like I was betraying my son, taking her there," she says. "He had always been so close to Phil, growing up, and I took his uncle's murderer to his 21st - but I couldn't not." "I'd decided that I was going to play her along at this and see what evidence I could collect to take to the police that week. Lee-Anne took the news about the suicide note to the officer who had originally dealt with Phil's case. He shared her suspicions. People do not type suicide notes, he told her, and passed the information on to some other officers. Lee-Anne then returned to Australia and told the rest of her family what she had found out.

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